Fishing at Wits End Dam

At Wits End we have our own 3 hectare dam which is stocked with indigenous Natal Yellowfish (Barbus natalensis) and Large Mouth Bass.

In conjunction with Unzimvelo wildlife authorities, our dam was stocked 10 years ago with a breeding stock of the indigenous Natal Yellowfish. These fish offer excellent Fly fishing and recent catches indicate that they are breeding well both juvenile and adult fish having been caught. In the summer months, they migrate upstream to spawn and lay their eggs in the gravel beds at the entrance to our dam.

A mixed blessing for our dam is that somehow Large Mouth Bass have arrived, either migrating down from a dam higher up the river or maybe the eggs were introduced by waterfowl, but in any event they offer new angling opportunities, and so far have been successfully co-habituating with the Yellowfish.

During the summer months some sizable Bass have been caught the largest so far weighing 3.5 kilogram.Numerous smaller specimens and some smaller Yellowfish are also caught on plastic worms and lures.

Fishing at Wits End is for our guests only and is free of charge but we encourage “responsible fishing”and request that all Yellowfish be returned to the water unharmed.Bass however, regardless of size, may be kept.

Catches by guests

23/09/18- Aren Govender- 1 by 1 kg Bass.

9/09/18- Dion Voljoen- 2 Bass the biggest 2,1 kg

28/08/18- Ferdi Welmans- 1 by 1 kg bass

26/12/17- Snyman family-4 bass & 1 Yellowfish (25 cm)

19/04/2018-Lynette Snyman- 1 small Yellowfish

26/12/17-Marc 1 2.5 kg bass

26/12/17- Marc & Kevin- 3 bass biggest 1 kg

25/12-Marc & Kevin-2 bass

22/12/2017-Marc & Kevin-1 Yellowfish and 2 bass

21/12/17-3 bass, 1 by 3,5 kg on popper

20/12/17- Paul Snyman-1 by 1 kg bass

17/11/17-Peter Pienaar- 3 Bass

4/11/17-Johan Augustyn-Lost 1 bass & 1 Yellowfish

2/10/2017-Renaldo De Buys. One nice size ” fluke” bass on a spinning bate +Rapala J9.

25/09/2017 – Yousuf Ismail from Mooi River caught a fine specimen-A 2 Kg Bass on a Y9 split back Rapala. 9 other bass were caught ranging in size from 500 grams to 2kg.
12/09/17 – Terry Redman- 1 by 1 KG Bass.
18 August 2017 – Gary Greeff caught 3 Yellowfish of about 25 CM each.
21 April 2017 – Jeff Badorst caught 2 Yellow Fish the biggest 11 inch.
5-7 April 2017 – Renaldo de Buys had a great few days fishing. Luckily the weather was great and other than the last day clarity was excellent. He caught 2 large bass in excess of 2 Kg and several smaller ones. Well done Renaldo.
25 January – Dudley Mitchell caught 2 Yellows ( 25- 30 cm) & 1 baby Bass on a Walkers Killer.
24 January – Frans Krause caught 2 small yellows on a klure at 5.40 & 6.50 am.
6 January – In very rainy conditions with dirty water Ashton Craig (12 years old) caught a largemouth bass of about 30cm on a butterfly fly. Well done for a young angled is difficult conditions.
20 December 2016-
Hi Witsend team!
Thanks for the great stay. The accommodation was comfortable and clean and nothing was out of place. The perfect place to relax and take in the berg. We will definitely be returning.
Here’s a pic of the yellowfish I caught on the first day we arrived. Fought like a demon and was in perfect condition. I wish more dams were stocked with these brilliant fish instead of aliens!
Do you perhaps have contact details of the official at kzn wildlife who assisted with stocking? I have a friend who is interested in stocking his dam with yellows.
Kind regards,
Warren Botes

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