The Drakensberg Boys Choir

This world renowned choir school ia a neighbor to Wits End Mountain Chalets and their auditorium is only a short walk away.

The school today hosts about 120 boys, from the ages of 9 to 15, and students are of differing racial and social backgrounds with the main entry criteria being excellence of voice.

The choir regularly performs topacked audiences both within Southern Africa and throughout the world.

They have performed, by papal request, for 25,000 people at the Vatican City and on their 25th anniversary received an award as one of the best boys choir’s in the world at the triennial World Boys choir festival in Poland.
The choir performs a wide variety of coral renditions ranging from Bach to Freddy Mercury, with a liberal sprinkling of traditional folk songs from both the African and Afrikaans cultures.
Guests to the Central Drakensberg can enjoy their weekly Wednesday afternoon concerts, held during term time when the boys are not on tour. The concerts commence at 3.30 pm.

Concerts closed for recess until January 2019

In addition to these there are regular special concerts and music festivals each year.