Walking Club- This Tuesdays walk- 25 July.

25 July. Kertland’s Pass and the Sphinx. This is one of the more challenging hikes of about 5 hours. We start at the Monks Cowl World Heritage site car park at 8.00 am and from there we walk top the top of the Little Berg via the Sphinx and arriving at breakfast stream for ” breakfast”. We then follow the path towards the contour path and along the way take the path to the right to Kertland’s Pass. We then climb down the pass arriving at the bottom near Nandi’s falls and then back to the car park. KLertland’s Pass is one of the hidden jewels of the Monks Cowl area as it is easily accessed but not often used, and offers beauty and remoteness. The walk is strenuous but for those who want a shorter walk one can return at Crystal Falls ( shorter) or the Sphinx ( Short) or Breakfast stream ( moderate). Meet at the KZN wildlife car park at 8.00 am.